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Introduction to Cast Iron Sovent® Systems

The Sovent® system is an engineered single stack drainage system that offers the industry its first major change in many years. It offers a different concept of waste and venting by slowing the velocity of the liquids and solids through a series of aerator fittings and double offsets. Before entering the building drain a deaerator fitting is placed at the base of the stack to minimize solid build up and slow the drainage before entering the building drain. This fitting is designed to have a pressure relief line which is to extend back (10) ten pipe diameters and tied into the building drain. This eliminates any back pressure problems. As in all industries, especially the plumbing industry, something new can be very hard to accept. Sovent® on the other hand offers an exciting new approach to the design and installation of sanitary plumbing systems with obvious savings in labor, material, and construction.

How It Performs

The cast iron Sovent® is a specially designed single stack soil and waste system using aerator fittings at each floor were soil and waste enter the stack and deaerator fittings at the base of the stack. By incorporating these fittings into a single multi-story stack the volume of drainage is greatly increased over the standard two stack waste & vent system.

The aerator fitting is designed with an offset chamber to slow the soil and waste matter at each floor, never allowing it to reach its terminal velocity thus eliminating back pressure.

The deaerator fitting at the base of the stack is designed to eliminate any build up of solids and slow the contents before the change in direction. At the base of the stack the pressure relief line eliminates any pressure build up which might occur. This fitting is designed to assure a smooth drainage flow from the vertical stack into the horizontal drain. The loop in the pressure relief line accommodates "hydraulic jump" that occurs at the base of the stack.

For more information on Sovent® please refer to our online design manual number 101/o located in the Engineers CAD Corner portion of our website.









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